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The Top 4 Reasons Shingles Fall Off Your Roof. 

  • Elizabeth Shepard
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  • date November 22, 2022
The Top 4 Reasons Shingles Fall Off Your Roof. 
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According to the experts, one of the most common types of roofing damage homeowners have to deal with is shingles blowing off. This doesn’t only affect your home’s aesthetics, but it will also leave your roof vulnerable to water damage. Here are the top 4 reasons why shingles fall off your roof. 

High Winds

If the shingles are blowing off right after you’ve just had the roof replaced, it probably means the seal strips haven’t had the time to set, and can’t withstand the high winds. The setting process of the seal strips will vary in duration depending on 

weather conditions, sun exposure, and the quality of the shingles. If the shingle blow- off has to do with a faulty seal, your local contractor should replace the missing shingles free of charge. 

Poor Installation

Another common cause of shingles blowing off of your roof is improper installation. Usually, this is the result of nailing the shingle on a higher point rather than the nailing strip across, causing the shingle to be ripped from the nail. Again, if the problem was caused during the 

installation, your local roofing contractor should have the missing shingles replaced free of charge. 

Storm Damage

When dealing with shingles blow-off, it is entirely possible your roof may have underlying storm damages you haven’t detected yet. For example, there could be minor-to-medium water damage. Therefore, setting the shingles under these conditions may prove unsuccessful and will get blown off. If this happens, you need to contact Delarosa Roofing to perform the necessary repairs. 

Old Age

Depending on the quality of the materials, and the care it receives, an asphalt roof should last between 10 and 15 years. If your roof is near the end of its useful life, the seals can no longer hold the shingles in place. Consider requesting a roof replacement by Delarosa Roofing.

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